For the Master Plan (R –1) 2011 prepared for the Belgaum Local Planning Area, Government has given final approval vide Order No. VNE/183/TTP/93, Bangalore 17.04.1996, The area of Belgaum Local Planning Area is 182.00 Sq.Kms. in which the jurisdiction of Belgaum City Corporation is 94.00 Sq.Kms. considering the
population of 8 Lakhs that may come up in the year 2021, Master Plan (R-2) has been prepared. In this Master Plan, 80 Sq.Kms. of area is the Conurbation Area Based on the existing land use developments, lands have been reserved for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public and Semi Public, Burial Ground, Play Ground, Approved Layouts have been incorporated in this Master Plan. Circulation pattern has been improved and the existing natural Nalas, Lakes have been retained as it is. Government has given provisional approval for this Master Plan ( R –2) 2021 on 30.12.2006, vide Order No. NAE/440/BEMPRA/2006. The approved plans and report has been brought on 23.02.2007. As per Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, (Amended) 2004 Section 13(1), Notification has been published inviting public comments and suggestions, giving 60 days time.

The Public suggestions/comments/objections which have been received during this period has been placed before the Authority meeting held on May and June 2007. As resolved in these Authority meetings a sub-committee is formed, for the submission of final Master Plan after considering the public comments. The sub-committee has resolved to incorporate the suitable public suggestions/comments in the Master Plan. The Sub-Committee decisions have been placed in the Authority meeting held on 13.02.2008. In this meeting, it was
resolved to held a Special Meeting for finalising the Provisionally Approved Master Plan. In the meanwhile a meeting has been held with Engineers Association, Builders Association and Developers Association and a discussion has been made regarding  incorporation of the Zonal Regulations.

Again in the Authority meeting held on 13.06.2008, a Sub-Committee has been formed to finalise the provisionally approved Master Plan and submitting the same for the final approval of the Government.